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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Top 10 Rarest Cars You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The world is infested with art collectors, artifact collectors and more especially people who show appreciation for the rarest things that somebody in the world has found value to; something outrageously rare and ancient that’s priceless. Yet, there are still some people out there who will be able to afford a $1.2 Million vase for their guest room or for their toilet window! This is where the ancient act of ‘trading’ began and still continues anyway. The fact is, the need, desire of people will never fade and has always existed ever since the beginning of modern day man.
Cars! On the other hand, are one of man’s greatest desire. It’s been this way since the industrial revolutions and still is today to more futuristic extreme. There are some vehicles, especially in the form of classic rarest cars which have become highly sought after by some of the richest collectors in the world who spend days, months, if not years hunting for certain models of cars. And, to filter the list out of the many auto motives in 1000’s of production till date, here’s top 10 rarest cars in the world that you’ve probably haven’t even heard off. The rarity of the cars have been ranked by popularity, overall fame, price worth as well as year of production.

10. Packard Panther

1954 Packard Panther
We may consider this car exactly what it’s ‘last name’ suggests, panther, being the inspired shape of its exquisite and rather unique design of that era which in the forefront appeared like that of the face of the cat itself. Packard Panther’s concept design was meant to show the world, where the design and future of cars were heading back in that era and has certainly given attention to detail in shaping it exactly as envisioned. The Packard Company had plans to feature a new fleet design by the late 1950’s yet hasn’t gone full blown into production which leaves the Panther to remain one of the rarest cars in the name. This 1954 masterpiece is a rare of its kind and also featured the flicker lights. Packard Panther can be picked up for around $800 000. Strangely, if you look closer at the front of how it’s designed, you would see a mustache shaped bumper and grid which is one of the most distinctive features of the car.

9. Tucker 48′

1948 Tucker 48
As the year suggests, 1948 is a lonnnnng time back from now and which ultimately means very rare also. Here we’re looking at a rarity that truly defined what BIG built cars has always been about. Men of the 40’s sure would have enjoyed driving in one of these sedans and owning one as a family car too. I’m picturing men with double breasted suits, fedora hat’s and about two children (boy and girl) and that very homely type country wife in the front seat and a scrambly car which makes a lot of noise as it takes off. Preston Tucker being the father of this large built car has only unfortunately managed to make 51 of these before the collapse and shut-down of his company and ultimately making it one of the rarest cars in the world today. In honor of Preston Tuckers unfinished dream, a 1988 movie called: ‘Tucker – the man and his dream’ has been centered around the production of this car in that era. The value of the Tucker 48′ car now is estimated to be of $1.2 Million in value.

8. Aston Martin Bulldog

Aston Martin Bulldog
If the Aston Martin Bulldog and the DeLorean where parked next to each other, it would have sub-consciously given the impression to a viewer that either one of the cars are an older or newer model of each other seeing that it’s unusual flattened shape is highly identical to each other, which includes the doors which open upwards. The car can also be misinterpreted at first fast glance at being an older model of a Lamborghini as well. And Lambo’s have only one shape known commonly to the world in its unconventional design and so does the Aston Martin Bulldog. Aston Martin’s in general have always featured its classic design even in the modernized versions too but they did it all different with the bulldog. The gullwing doors which open upwards are definitely a unique addition to the car, making it one of its kind. Aston Martin as a company, planned to produce 25 limited additions to test the sales of it but only ONE bulldog was actually ever built! Estimated value now: $1.3 Million

7. Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing

Mercedes Benz300SL Gullwing
Speaking of rare cars with gullwing doors, the Mercedes Benz 300SL also had one to pull up as a 2 seater of luxury back then, just as how we have our 2 seater luxuries today which are extremely expensive, while very common and in high production on the super-car markets today. The Merc 300SL Gullwing however is both the combination of rare and very expensive too if you manage to find one for the purchase today. This beauty had lasted around 2 years in production until due to development of a newer roadster concept version. Regardless of the beauty not being very long in production, it has been one of the fastest top speed cars in the world of its time. Having this much and a 3.0 Engine from which the ‘300’ came from as well as being fuel injected with its sleek classic European luxury coupe design to boast surely makes the 300SL one of the rarest cars in the world which banks it at an estimated $1.5 Million today. This was certainly a bird that spread its wings and flew as fast as it could on the road.

6. Talbot Lago Grand Sport

Talbot lago Grand Sport
Talbot Lago, wow! Looks exactly like a more civilized version of the famous Batman car. There is also much similarity between the front of the Talbot and the front of a vintage Aston Martin as well; by vintage I mean more in the DB-5 production design concepts. The back of the car, in shape however is truly conventional and curved, making it look elongated at the back which is one of the most distinctive features overall even at first appearance. Talbot lago Grand Sport can be considered as a presidential vehicle of its time as it certainly gives off an ‘upper society’ appeal to its shape, design and price even in those days. To conclude it for you properly, it can be taken as a hot rod back and an Aston front fused to give us one Lago design. Talbot Lago Grand Sport I apart of Legendary automotive history and has had only 12 produced – with people paying over $2.5 Million for their share of golden car history.

5. Porsche 916

Porsche 916
We’re so used to our fixed mindset’s and images of what a Porsche would look like in our minds and we always somehow go back to one commonly visualized shape all in all, regardless of what model we picture. This may be due to seeing one shape of a Porsche all the time and nobody could blame us. Throughout the years, Porsche hasn’t failed to maintain its gecko shaped design in all their models or at least most it but a slight curve or bit off or lack of metals in a car can change how it appears in a huge way and so have they cleverly done with the 916 design. We are still able to see hints of the gecko head design in this one, but we had got to look harder than what meets the eye. Nevertheless out of 11 of these beauties that were made, only one has been shipped to the United States of America. Speak about Rare, yeah! It could reach a top speed of 145 Miles per hour which was one of the fastest Porches of the 70’s when it came into production. The Porsche 916 has been sold privately in recent years for around $3 Million.

4. 1954 Oldsmobile F-88

1954 Oldsmobile F-88
1954 has been the year of several things in terms where all of the world’s classic cars of today have had their birth in the desire of man’s mind ever since and to have taken the streets as well. Here the Oldsmobile has definitely shun bright and bold in its distinctive design and shape. The older cars as a matter of fact has been built with more vroom than some of the futuristic designs we have today, all built in the hope of keeping in line with ‘economic’ compensations. The Oldsmobile speaks everything that defines the classic look and feel of what a vintage as we know it today supposed to be. Jeez the 50’s has been a lonnnnng few decades from today, and so can you imagine what makes this ride one of the rarest. A 250 horsepower V8 rocket engine has been what this collectable has been born with, yet never fully had the chance to tear the streets apart seeing as though only 4 has ever gotten the chance to stroll out the factory in style. We’re banking on the price value now at $3.5 Million to own 1 of the 4 that were created.

3. Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible

Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible
Belle Italia (Beautiful Italy) and this country sure has plenty things to boast other than its exotic women, the sceneries, the countrymen and their class and unconventional style, the food and the everlasting romance. OH, I have forgot to mention the rich heritage of their magnificently crafted cars which had represented the finest of quality throughout the history of producing them. Ferrari’s can be found regularly on the streets of Italy, as well as all over the globe and you’ve got to pay a steep amount of Millions for it too but not this one specific model ; no you won’t see this one driving around like a regular on the streets. Ferrari 250 GT Spider Convertible has manufactured only ONE of its kind as in only one of its specific model been made while the rest after that, to continue its legacy were all Coupes. The only one ever made has been sold to car collector, Bob Lee, who still owns the Ferrari 250 GT Spider Convertible today also. We’re looking at a price of $10 Million to make this sale and have the only one ever made as yours. Unless you’re a Bill Gates or a Trump, good luck on completing your Italian stallion collection.

2. 1921 Helica De Leyat

rarest cars 1921 Helica De Leyat
This aint a car! Technically speaking it’s built of biscuit shaped ‘rims'(not sure if I could even call it that, okay then (WHEELS), somewhat bicycle threaded tires around it. The horn is actually a horn which is visible from the outside, sort of like a trumpet looking thingy. The back looks like it supposed to actually be the front, sort of the opposite on the Helica De Leyat seeing that the pointy side of the body faces the back. Oh and the front! (Well the front has a large circle with a fan; the kind that looks like those types of boats which can also drive on land (hovercrafts). The fact is, being manufactured in the 1920’s, Very early 20’s, and this is definitely one of the oldest and rarest cars in the world. Only 30 were made. Being manufactured by a French Automobile company, it has been dubbed as the “plane without wings” seeing that the large rotor blade in front made it appear so as well as a passenger who sat behind the driver like in the planes of those days were. The giant propeller which could be visible at the forefront was the ‘engine’ of this uniquely designed vehicle.

1. Rolls-Royce 15 HP

Rolls-Royce 15 HP
The Rolls-Royce 15 HP is certainly the most rarest car in the world seeing that it was Thee first car, model to have been produced by Charles Rolls and Hendry Royce and which obviously have been the launcher of the success of the brand at which they are proud to have today. Started off in 1904 ,the very beginning of the 20th Century of where motorcars where the one of the biggest inventions ever made since the 1800’s and so can you imagine even this in that era and how exciting the production of this vehicle would have been? A total of 6 Rolls-Royce 15 HP’s were made and only ONE is still known of existence. The name of the car, suggested its horse power being 15 which is modest and sort of funny to us now, but obviously considered a “powerhouse” of its day. Although, in its design it might have appeared to be a ‘beast’ of a car in its day, this was actually a regular on the streets. The lone remaining Rolls-Royce 15 HP can be seen touring the world in Car shows and automotive shows around the globe and is estimated by insurance companies to be within the value of around $35 Million.


 Most men struggle with fashion. That’s a plain fact; but with some simple guidelines we can all dress better and maybe attract a few more women in the process.
Some men find it difficult to kick it off with the corporate look; to them it’s boring and only meant for work purposes or to suit an occasion. Little do they know that you can look corporate and yet trendy. These are five tips that will sprinkle fairy dust on your business-casual outfit and make you look a million times better.


This is of great importance as it in a way, defines your level of exposure and maturity; making you look simple and not over dressed. You can never go wrong with colours black and brown as other colours may be difficult to match.
 Image source: guystyleguide.com

Ties are great ways to express yourself as a man but keep it tasteful. You cannot go wrong with diagonal stripes, modern polka dots, plaids and subtle patterns, just make sure your tie compliments your shirt, suit, sweatshirt or whatever you are wearing.
 Avoid polka dot tie with polka dot shirt. Ties can be knotted in whatever style that strikes your fancy. There are different ways to knot the tie and different knot say different things. So you are free to explore a little on tie.
  Image source: customstichers.com

Your socks should match the colour of your Pant, shirt or tie, although it may not be the exact same shade. If you prefer socks with pattern try to make sure the pattern has a matching colour with any part of your outfit.
Note that white socks should be reserved for the gym.

A watch is one of the most important accessories a man can own. It is better to invest in a watch that suits your lifestyle and taste. However, for those who own more than one watch, it's advisable that your watch should match the colour of your shoe and belt.
  Image source: iwatchau.com
This is one of the very few ways you can express yourself. They do not have to serve a function but can also enhance your overall look.  As a guy that likes eye glasses, do your best to find a pair of glasses that not only compliment the shape of your face but also express your personality. Experiment with the latest designs of shades which include round or squared shaped. The colours which are in trend right now are reflectors of all sorts.
 Proper mastery of these rules and of course putting them into action will definitely make you fashionable and trendy in your business-casual wears

source : trendsexpress

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Tutorial On How To Get The Perfect Bob Up-do On Natural Hair

Igbo Curls Natural Hair
The festive season is upon us with all the gazillion parties and festivities that come with it.
If you play for Team Natural, this time more than ever, you’ll be looking for the best ways to style your beautiful mane for the different events you’ll be attending which is where this tutorial comes in

In her new vlog, Chinwe Juliet of Igbo Curls shows us how to achieve the classic bob up-do she’s wearing in the picture above.
Watch and learn below

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

New Music: Oye - Healing Power

After the success of her debut single Honour, Oye is back with another one titled Healing Power off her recently released album HONOUR. The heart cry of the singer was clearly revealed as she made a strong request to God.
“Healing power is a song that will bring hope to the hopeless, healing to the sick or wounded and comfort to the broken hearted.”
Healing Power was Produced by fast raising talented E’keyz.


Friday, 1 September 2017

List of all completed transfers in 2017/18 Premier League Summer Transfer

  It's over. We can finally stop talking about whether Alexis Sanchez will move to Manchester City and whether Antoine Griezmann will move across the city to United. For a few months at least. For now, it's back to the football - after the international break of course - as the transfer deadline closed at 11pm on Thursday night. Premier League clubs spent a mammoth £1.47bn over the course of the summer months, but as we hit September there's still a large number of teams who are probably in a worse position than where they ended last season. This here is your definitive club-by-club guide to all of summer 2017's completed transfers - from Romelu Lukaku's £75m move to Old Trafford to Joe Ledley's release by Crystal Palace.
1. AFC Bournemouth
IN - Nathan Ake (Chelsea) £20m, Asmir Begovic (Chelsea) £10m, Jermain Defoe (Sunderland) Free, Connor Mahoney (Blackburn) Free.
OUT - Harry Cornick (Luton) Undisclosed, Marc Wilson (Sunderland) Undisclosed, Matt Worthington (Yeovil) Loan, Lewis Grabban (Sunderland) Loan, Max Gradel (Toulouse) Loan, Ryan Allsop (Blackpool) Loan, Sam Surridge (Yeovil) Loan, Baily Cargill (Fleetwood) Loan, Adam Federici (Nottingham Forest) Loan, Callum Buckley (Aldershot) Free, Jordan Green (Yeovil) Free, Jake McCarthy (Released), Matthew Neale (Released).

2. Arsenal
IN - Alexandre Lacazette (Lyon) £45m, Sead Kolasinac (Schalke) Free.
OUT - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Liverpool) £35m, Wojciech Szczesny (Juventus) £10m, Gabriel Paulista (Valencia) £10m, Kieran Gibbs (West Brom) £7m, John Toral (Hull) Undisclosed, Ismael Bennacer (Empoli) Undisclosed, Chris Willock (Benfica) Undisclosed, Kaylen Hinds (Wolfsburg) Undisclosed, Savvas Mourgos (Norwich) Undisclosed, Donyell Malen (PSV Eindhoven) Undisclosed, Kelechi Nwakali (VVV-Venlo) Loan, Takuma Asano (Stuttgart) Loan, Marc Bola (Bristol Rovers) Loan, Emiliano Martinez (Getafe) Loan, Stephy Mavididi (Preston) Loan, Cohen Bramall (Birmingham) Loan, Carl Jenkinson (Birmingham) Loan, Joel Campbell (Real Betis) Loan, Lucas Perez (Deportivo) Loan, Stefan O'Connor (Newcastle) Free, Yaya Sanogo (Toulouse) Free, Glen Kamara (Dundee) Free, Stefan O'Connor (Newcastle) Free, Kristopher da Graca (IFK Goteborg) Free, Kostas Pileas (Released).

3. Brighton and Hove Albion
IN - Jose Izquierdo (Club Brugge) £13.5m, Davy Propper (PSV Eindoven) £6m, Ezequiel Schelotto (Inter Milan) £2.75m, Soufyan Ahannach (Almere City) Undisclosed, Pascal Groß (Ingolstadt) Undisclosed, Mathew Ryan (Valencia) Undisclosed, Josh Kerr (Celtic) Undisclosed, Markus Suttner (Ingolstadt) Undisclosed, Mathias Normann (FK Bodo/Glimt) Undisclosed, Steven Alzate (Leyton Orient) Undisclosed, Ales Mateju (Viktoria Plzen) Undisclosed, Izzy Brown (Chelsea) Loan, Tim Krul (Newcastle) Loan.
OUT - Rob Hunt (Oldham) Undisclosed, David Stockdale (Birmingham) Free, Elvis Manu (Genclerbirligi) Free, Richie Towell (Rotherham) Loan, Jordan Maguire-Drew (Lincoln) Loan, Christian Walton (Wigan) Loan, Oliver Norwood (Fulham) Loan, Ben White (Newport County) Loan, Kazenga LuaLua (QPR) Loan, Tom Dallison (Accrington) Loan, Tyler Forbes (Accrington) Loan, Alex Whitmore (Bury) Loan, Rohan Ince (Bury) Loan.

4. Burnley
IN -- Chris Wood (Leeds) £15m, Jack Cork (Swansea) £10m, Jonathan Walters (Stoke) £3m, Phil Bardsley (Stoke City) Undisclosed,  Charlie Taylor (Leeds) Tribunal.
OUT - Michael Keane (Everton) £25m, Andre Gray (Watford) £18.5m, Nakhi Wells (Huddersfield) £5m, Tendayi Darikwa (Nottingham Forest) Undisclosed, Josh Ginnelly (Lincoln City) Loan, Aiden O'Neill (Fleetwood Town) Loan, Tom Anderson (Port Vale) Loan, George Boyd (Sheffield Wednesday) Free, Michael Kightly (Southend) Free, Rouwen Hennings (Fortuna Dusseldorf) Free, George Green (Viking) Free, Joey Barton (Released), RJ Pingling (Released), Christian Hill (Released), Taofiq Olmowewe (Released), Paul Robinson (Retired).

5. Chelsea
IN - Alvaro Morata (Real Madrid) £60m, Tiemoue Bakayoko (AS Monaco) £39.7m, Danny Drinkwater (Leicester City) £35m, Antonio Rudiger (Roma) £34m, Davide Zappacosta (Torino) £25.8m, Kylian Hazard (Ujpest) Undisclosed, Ethan Ampadu (Exeter) Undisclosed, Willy Caballero (Manchester City) Free.
OUT - Nemanja Matic (Manchester United) £40m, Nathan Ake (Bournemouth) £20m, Juan Cuadrado (Juventus) £17m, Asmir Begovic (Bournemouth) £10m, Bertrand Traore (Lyon) £8.8m Christian Atsu (Newcastle) £6.2m Dominic Solanke (Liverpool) Compensation Mukhtar Ali (Vitesse Arnhem) Undisclosed Malakai Mars (Barnet) Undisclosed Charlie Wakefield (Stevenage) Loan Fikayo Tomori (Hull) Loan Jeremie Boga (Birmingham) Loan Lewis Baker (Middlesbrough) Loan Bradley Collins (Forest Green) Loan Charlie Colkett (Vitesse) Loan Ike Ugbo (Barnsley) Loan Jamal Blackman (Sheffield United) Loan Jay Dasilva (Charlton) Loan Kurt Zouma (Stoke) Loan Lucas Piazon (Fulham) Loan Marco van Ginkel (PSV Eindhoven) Loan Michael Hector (Hull City) Loan Ola Aina (Hull City) Loan Ruben Loftus-Cheek (Crystal Palace) Loan Tammy Abraham (Swansea) Loan Todd Kane (Groningen) Loan Tomas Kalas (Fulham) Loan Mario Pasalic (Spartak Moscow) Loan Izzy Brown (Brighton) Loan Matt Miazga (Vitesse Arnhem) Loan Mason Mount (Vitesse Arnhem) Loan Victorien Angban (Waasland-Beveren) Loan Jordan Houghton (Doncaster) Loan Alex Kiwomya (Doncaster) Free John Terry (Aston Villa) Free Alex Davey (Released)

6. Crystal Palace
IN - Mamadou Sakho (Liverpool) £26m Jairo Riedewald (Ajax) £7.9m Ruben Loftus-Cheek (Chelsea) Loan Timothy Fosu-Mensah (Manchester United) Loan
OUT - Steve Mandanda (Marseille) £1.8m Keshi Anderson (Swindon) Loan Jonny Williams (Sunderland) Loan Ryan Inniss (Colchester) Loan Kwesi Appiah (AFC Wimbledon) Free Luke Croll (Exeter) Free Zeki Fryers (Barnsley) Free Frazier Campbell (Hull City) Free Ben Wynter​ (Bromley) Free Hiram Boateng (Exeter) Free Corie Andrews (Released) Jonathan Benteke (Released) Mathieu Flamini (Released) Ryan King-Elliott (Released) Joe Ledley (Released) Randell Williams (Released)

7. Everton
IN - Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea City) £45m Michael Keane (Burnley) £25m Jordan Pickford (Sunderland) £25m Davy Klaassen (Ajax) £23.6m Nikola Vlasic (Hajduk Split) £10m Henry Onyekuru (Eupen) £7m Sandro Ramirez (Malaga) £5.25m Josh Bowler (QPR) £1.5m Lewis Gibson (Newcastle) Undisclosed  Natangelo Markelo (FC Volendam) Undisclosed Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) Undisclosed Boris Mathis (Metz) Undisclosed Cuco Martina (Southampton) Free
OUT - Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United) £75m Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona) £10.6m Gareth Barry (West Brom) Undisclosed Tom Cleverley (Watford) Undisclosed Aiden McGeady (Sunderland) Undisclosed Courtney Duffus (Oldham) Undisclosed Delial Brewster (Chesterfield) Free Russell Griffiths (Motherwell) Free Conor McAleny (Fleetwood) Free Josef Yarney (Newcastle) Free Arouna Kone (Sivasspor) Free Leandro (Danubio) Free Michael Donohue (Fleetwood) Free Tyrone Duffus (Cardiff City) Free Josef Yarney (Newcastle) Free Liam Walsh (Birmingham) Loan Henry Onyekuru (Anderlecht) Loan Tyias Browning (Sunderland) Loan Matthew Pennington (Leeds) Loan Antonee Robinson (Bolton) Loan Kieran Dowell (Nottingham Forest) Loan Joe Williams (Barnsley) Loan Conor Grant (Crewe) Loan Jack Bainbridge (Released) Connor Hunt (Released) James Yates (Released)

8. Huddersfield Town
IN - Steve Mounie (Montpellier) £11.44m Tom Ince (Derby) £8.5m Aaron Mooy (Manchester City) £8m Nakhi Wells (Burnley) £5m Laurent Depoitre (FC Porto) Undisclosed Mathias Jorgensen (FC Copenhagen) Undisclosed Scott Malone (Fulham) Undisclosed Rob Green (Leeds United) Loan Jonas Lossl (Mainz) Loan Kasey Palmer (Chelsea) Loan Florent Hadergjonaj (Ingolstadt) Loan Danny Williams (Reading) Free
OUT - Harry Bunn (Bury) Undisclosed Sean Scannell (Burton) Loan Jordan Williams (Bury) Loan Tareiq Holmes-Dennis (Portsmouth) Loan Jack Payne (Oxford) Loan Sean Scannell (Burton) Loan Joe Murphy (Bury) Free Frank Mulhern (Guiseley) Free Flo Bojaj (Released) Ronan Coughlan (Released) Jamie Spencer (Released) Sam Warde (Released) Owen Brooke (Released) Harry Clibbens (Released) Callum Elliott (Released) Alfie Raw (Released)

9. Leicester City
IN - Kelechi Iheanacho (Man City) £23.5m Harry Maguire (Hull City) £17m Vicente Iborra (Sevilla) £10.5m Eldin Jakupovic (Hull City) £2m Sam Hughes (Chester) Undisclosed George Thomas (Coventry) Undisclosed Aleksandar Dragovic (Bayer Leverkusen) Loan
OUT - Danny Drinkwater (Chelsea) £35m Tom Lawrence (Derby County) £5m Ron-Robert Zieler (VfB Stuttgart) £2.5m Nampalys Mendy (Nice) Loan Bartosz Kapustka (SC Freiburg) Loan Harvey Barnes (Barnsley) Loan Callum Elder (Wigan) Loan Cedric Kipre (Motherwell) Free Marcin Wasilewski (Released) Michael Cain (Released) David Domej (Released) Matty Miles (Released) Kairo Mitchell (Released)

10. Liverpool
IN - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal) £35m Mohamed Salah (Roma) £34m Naby Keita (RB Leipzig) Undisclosed [Deal to be Completed July 1, 2018] Andrew Robertson (Hull City) £8m rising to £10m Dominic Solanke (Chelsea) Compensation
OUT - Mamadou Sakho (Crystal Palace) £26m Kevin Stewart (Hull City) £8m Lucas Leiva (Lazio) £5m Andre Wisdom (Derby) Undisclosed Sam Hart (Blackburn) Undisclosed Jordan Williams (Rochdale) Loan Divock Origi (Wolfsburg) Loan Shamal George (Carlisle United) Loan Connor Randall (Hearts) Loan Pedro Chirivella (Willem II) Loan Taiwo Awoniyi (Royal Excel Mouscron) Loan Toni Gomes (Forest Green) Loan Sheyi Ojo (Fulham) Loan Ryan Kent (Freiburg) Loan Adam Phillips (Norwich) Free Madger Gomes (Leeds) Free Tom Brewitt (Middlesbrough) Free Jake Brimmer (Perth Glory) Free Jack Dunn (Tranmere Rovers) Free Adam Phillips (Norwich) Free Ryan Fulton (Hamilton) Free Kane Lewis (Released) Alex Manninger (Retired)

11. Manchester City
IN - Benjamin Mendy (AS Monaco) £51m Kyle Walker (Tottenham) £50m Bernardo Silva (AS Monaco) £43m Danilo (Real Madrid) £26.9m Ederson (Benfica) £34.7m Douglas Luiz (Vasco da Gama) £10m Olarenwaju Kayode (Austria Vienna) £3.5m
OUT - Kelechi Iheanacho (Leicester City) £23.5m Wilfried Bony (Swansea City) £12m Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund) £10m Nolito (Sevilla) £8m Aaron Mooy (Huddersfield) £8m Aleksandar Kolarov (Roma) £4.5m Fernando (Galatasaray) £4.5m Olivier Ntcham (Celtic) £4m Enes Unal (Villarreal) Undisclosed Bruno Zuculini (Verona) Undisclosed Samir Nasri (Antalyaspor) Undisclosed Jason Denayer (Galatasaray) Loan Patrick Roberts (Celtic) Loan Olarenwaju Kayode (Girona) Loan Angus Gunn (Norwich) Loan Ashley Smith-Brown (Hearts) Loan Bersant Celina (Ipswich) Loan Joe Hart (West Ham) Loan Aleix Garcia (Girona) Loan Douglas Luiz (Girona) Loan Marlos Moreno (Girona) Loan Rodney Kongolo (Doncaster) Loan Brandon Barker (Hibernian) Loan Kean Bryan (Oldham) Loan Ellis Plummer (Motherwell) Free Pablo Zabaleta (West Ham) Free Willy Caballero (Chelsea) Free Gael Clichy (Istanbul Basaksehir) Free Joe Coveney (Nottingham Forest) Free Jesus Navas (Sevilla) Free Kane Plummer (Motherwell) Free Bacary Sagna (Released) Callum Bullock (Released) Thomas O'Brien (Released)

12. Manchester United
IN - Nemanja Matic (Manchester United) £40m Romelu Lukaku (Everton) £75m Victor Lindelof (Benfica) £31m Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Unattached) Free
OUT - Adnan Januzaj (Real Sociedad) £9.8m Wayne Rooney (Everton) Undisclosed Josh Harrop (Preston) Undisclosed Guillermo Varela (Penarol) Undisclosed Cameron Borthwick-Jackson (Leeds) Loan Matty Willock (Utrecht) Loan Timothy Fosu-Mensah (Crystal Palace) Loan Devonte Redmond (Scunthorpe) Loan Regan Poole (Northampton) Loan Dean Henderson (Shrewsbury) Loan Sam Johnstone (Aston Villa) Loan

13. Newcastle United
IN - Jacob Murphy (Norwich) £12m Florian Lejeune (Eibar) £8.7m Christian Atsu (Chelsea) £6.2m Joselu (Stoke) £5m Javi Manquillo (Atletico Madrid) £4.5m Mikel Merino (Borussia Dortmund) Loan Stefan O'Connor (Arsenal) Free Josef Yarney (Everton) Free
OUT - Daryl Murphy (Nottingham Forest) £2m Grant Hanley (Norwich) Undisclosed Siem de Jong (Ajax) Undisclosed Emmanuel Riviere (FC Metz) Undisclosed Yoan Gouffran (Goztepe) Undisclosed Florian Thauvin (Marseille) Undisclosed Kevin Mbabu (BSC Young Boys) Undisclosed Lewis Gibson (Everton) Undisclosed Matz Sels (Anderlecht) Loan Alex Gilliead (Bradford) Loan Tom Heardman (Bury) Loan Adam Armstrong (Bolton) Loan Sean Longstaff (Blackpool) Loan Tim Krul (Brighton) Loan Vurnon Anita (Leeds) Free Haris Vuckic (FC Twente) Free  Lubomir Satka (DAC 1904) Free Sammy Ameobi (Bolton) Free Steven Taylor (Peterborough United) Free Jamie Cobain (Kilmarnock) Free Louis Johnson (Released) Adam Laidler (Released) Ben Pollock (Released) Jake Trodd (Released)

14. Southampton
IN - Mario Lemina (Juventus) £16m Wesley Hoedt (Lazio) £15m Jan Bednarek (Lech Poznan) Free
OUT - Jay Rodriguez (West Brom) £12m Jason McCarthy (Barnsley) Undisclosed Jordy Clasie (Club Brugge) Loan Olufela Olomola (Yeovil) Loan Harrison Reed (Norwich) Loan Harry Lewis (Dundee United) Loan Ryan Seager (MK Dons) Loan Sam Gallagher (Birmingham City) Loan Lloyd Isgrove (Barnsley) Free Cuco Martina (Everton) Free Martin Caceres (Verona) Free Harley Willard (Maidstone United) Free

15. Stoke City
IN - Kevin Wimmer (Tottenham Hotspur) £18m  Bruno Martins Indi (Porto) £7m Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (Schalke) Free Tre Pemberton (Blackburn Rovers) Undisclosed Josh Tymon (Hull) Undisclosed Jese Rodriguez (Paris Saint-Germain) Loan Kurt Zouma (Chelsea) Loan Darren Fletcher (West Brom) Free
OUT - Joselu (Newcastle) £5m Siem de Jong (PSV) £4m Jonathan Walters (Burnley) £3m Glenn Whelan (Aston Villa) £1m Phil Wollscheid (Metz) Undisclosed Marko Arnautovic (West Ham) Undisclosed Phil Bardsley (Burnley) Undisclosed Bojan (Alaves) Loan Giannelli Imbula (Toulouse) Loan Marc Muniesa (Girona) Loan Ryan Sweeney (Bristol Rovers) Loan Dominic Telford (Bristol Rovers) Loan Liam Edwards (Hull City) Loan Daniel Bachmann (Watford) Free George Waring (Tranmere) Free Harry Isted (Luton Town) Free Shay Given (Released) Joel Taylor (Released)

16. Swansea City
IN - Sam Clucas (Hull) £15m Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) £12m Roque Mesa (Las Palmas) £11m Cian Harries (Coventry City) £500k Erwin Mulder (Heerenveen) Free Renato Sanches (Bayern Munich) Loan Tammy Abraham (Chelsea) Loan
OUT - Gylfi Sigurdsson (Everton) £45m Fernando Llorente (Tottenham) £12m Jack Cork (Burnley) £10m Bafetimbi Gomis (Galatasaray) £2.5m Modou Barrow (Reading) £1.45m Stephen Kingsley (Hull) Undisclosed Oli McBurnie (Barnsley) Loan Daniel James (Shrewsbury) Loan Matt Grimes (Northampton) Loan Borja Baston (Malaga) Loan Jordi Amat (Real Betis) Loan Connor Roberts (Middlesbrough) Loan Keston Davies (Yeovil) Loan Botti Biabi (Hamilton) Loan Liam Shephard (Peterborough) Free Alex Samuel (Stevenage) Free Liam Edwards (Hull) Free Josh Vickers (Lincoln) Free Franck Tabanou (Guingamp) Free Marvin Emnes (Akhisar Belediyespor) Free Mark Birighitti (NAC Breda) Free Owain Jones (Released) Tom Dyson (Released) Tom Holland (Released)

17. Tottenham Hotspur
IN - Davinson Sanchez (Ajax) £42m Serge Aurier (PSG) £23m Fernando Llorente (Swansea City) £12m Juan Foyth (Estudiantes) Undisclosed Paulo Gazzaniga (Southampton) Undisclosed
OUT - Kyle Walker (Manchester City) £50m Kevin Wimmer (Stoke City) £18m  Nabil Bentaleb (Schalke) £16.8m Clinton Njie (Marseille) £8m Luke McGee (Portsmouth) Undisclosed Will Miller (Burton) Undisclosed Federico Fazio (Roma) Undisclosed Connor Ogilvie (Gillingham) Loan Josh Onomah (Aston Villa) Loan Cameron Carter-Vickers (Sheffield United) Loan Filip Lesniak (AaB) Free Tom McDermott (Derry City) Free Joe Muscatt (Released) Charlie Owens (Released) Zenon Stylianides (Released)

18. Watford
IN - Andre Gray (Burnley) £18.5m Richarlison (Fluminense) £11m Will Hughes (Derby) £8m Marvin Zeegelaar (Sporting CP) £2.75m Tom Cleverley (Everton) Undisclosed Nathaniel Chalobah (Chelsea) Undisclosed  Daniel Bachmann (Stoke) Free Kiko Femenia (Alaves) Free Sam Howes (West Ham) Free Andre Carrillo (Benfica) Loan Molla Wague (Watford) Loan Orestis Karnezis (Udinese) Loan
OUT - Valon Behrami (Udinese) Undisclosed Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord) Undisclosed  Mario Suarez (Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng FC) Undisclosed Dennon Lewis (Crawley) Loan Obi Oulare (Royal Antwerp) Loan Giedrius Arlauskis (CFR Cluj) Free Rene Gilmartin (Colchester) Free Juan Carlos Paredes (Emelec) Free Mathias Ranegie (BK Hacken) Free Ola Adeyemo (Valdres FK) Free Charlie Bannister (Released) Ogo Obi (Released) Rhyle Ovenden (Released)

19. West Bromwich Albion
IN - Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) £12m Kieran Gibbs (Arsenal) £7m Oliver Burke (RB Leipzig) Undisclosed Gareth Barry (Everton) Undisclosed Yuning Zhang (Vitesse) Undisclosed Ahmed Hegazi (Al Ahly) Loan Grzegorz Krychowiak (PSG) Loan
OUT - Callum McManaman (Sunderland) Undisclosed Rekeem Harper (Blackburn) Loan Shaun Donnellan (Walsall) Loan Yuning Zhang (Werder Bremen) Loan Kyle Howkins (Cambridge) Loan Kyle Edwards (Exeter) Loan Kane Wilson (Exeter) Loan Tyler Roberts (Walsall) Loan Jonathan Leko (Bristol City) Loan Darren Fletcher (Stoke) Free Sebastien Pocognoli (Standard Liege) Free Zachary Elbouzedi (Inverness) Free Daniel Barbir (Released) Callam Jones (Released) Jack Rose (Released) Andre Wright (Released)

20. West Ham United
IN - Marko Arnautovic (Stoke) £24m Javier Hernandez (Bayer Leverkusen) £16m Sead Haksabanovic (Halmstads BK) £2.4m Pablo Zabaleta (Man City) Free Joe Hart (Man City) Loan
OUT - Ashley Fletcher (Middlesbrough) £6.5m Enner Valencia (Tigres) £5m Darren Randolph (Middlesbrough) £4m Sofiane Feghouli (Galatasaray) £3.87m Havard Nordtveit (Hoffenheim) Undisclosed George Dobson (Sparta Rotterdam) Undisclosed Robert Snodgrass (Aston Villa) Loan Reece Oxford (Borussia Monchengladbach) Loan Jack Fitzwater (Forest Green) Loan Reece Burke (Bolton) Loan Josh Cullen (Bolton) Loan Stephen Hendrie (Southend) Free Kyle Knoyle (Swindon) Free Sam Howes (Watford) Free Sam Ford (Released)


Saturday, 26 August 2017

New Music : Hayormizy - JEKI

Fast Rising Energetic Act, Hayormizy is here with a new tune titled JEKI. Hayormizy stepped up his game for his fans in this new single. Watch out for more of this Act as he his ready to claim what is his. This tune is produced by KSS, Mixed and Mastered by Solid.
Download and Enjoy.




Thursday, 6 July 2017

New Music: Mlazz ft Hayormizy - Lewon Lere

Mushin young and boiling rapper MLAZZ ,a 100l student of FUNAAB features the ever energetic HAYORMIZY ejekun master on his debut single LEWON LERE prod. by Bravoor Productions. This is a raw talent and a fire spiting boy.. Enjoy


Saturday, 1 July 2017

Official Unveiling of THE ACES

Its new, its fresh, it's THE ACES.
THE ACES is a music and track recording platform ready to take the Entertainment Industry by storm, THE ACES also has a crew whose tracks you'd hears soon.

Have you got a talent in music? any genre? but can't afford a studio session? then THE ACES is here for you, we bring and give you the best music production to the best of our abilities at an affordable rate

We aren't just a music recording platform, we are a brand and also we promote music, ours and others we do our works for, If you also want your music promoted, We are here to render the best of services, We produce beats, Promote music
We also can feature in your tracks, we have the best crew of artists inducted into THE ACES

To reach us, you can contact any of these numbers on WhatsApp and we'll serve you well in the best possible way that we can



Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Real Madrid Set to Unveil Legendary Former Striker as Assistant General Manager

Real Madrid will unveil former Spain striker Raul Gonzales as their new Assistant General Manager early next month, per Spanish source ​AS. Raul, who spent 16 years at the Santiago Bernabeu, will be handed the role on July 3, and will report to Florentino Perez's right-hand man Jose Angel Sanchez.
     Sanchez has a hand in a lot of the club's dealings, including transfer negotiations, player contracts, economic strategy and international brand development.  Raul is said to have gained a lot of business experience living in New York over the past few years, and that - coupled with his status in the football world - makes him the right man for the job, according to Sanchez.
     The 39-year-old retired from playing in 2015, ending his career with the New York Cosmos. He has since worked as an ambassador for La Liga, and also studied sports business in the U.S.
      It was initially thought that Raul would take over the youth system at Valdebas following Víctor Fernandez's departure, but it now looks like Ramon Martinez and Juni Calafat will be the ones to oversee youth development at the club. He will, however, act as a go-between for the squad and club's directors.
     The ex-forward made 550 appearances for Madrid, helping them win six league titles and three Champions League trophies. 


Saturday, 17 June 2017

LEAKED: Chelsea Kits for 2017/18 Show Slick Design Following Their Move From Adidas to Nike

​Chelsea's kits for the 2017/18 season appear to have been ​leaked ​online​ by the Mirror, showing their sleek designs after switching from Adidas to Nike.  Nike signed a contract with the Londoners midways through last season in 15-year deal worth £60m per season, ending their partnership with Adidas. 
And fans won't be disappointed with their new design, as Nike have gone for a "less is more" effect, creating three beautifully looking kits. 
The home kit is a deep shade of blue with slightly lighter sleeves, changing from their v-neck last season to a crew neck.  The away kit is mainly white with blue panels down the side, but the third kit is the knockout punch. A black coloured shirt with a faint camoflauge print, matched up with a light blue trim on the sleeves. 


Friday, 9 June 2017

Here’s How You Can Get A Butt Like Khloe Kardashian’s

Khloe Kardashian‘s butt has been plagued with a lot of plastic surgery accusations but the owner of the butt has rubbished the rumors on each count and you can’t possibly know a butt more than it’s owner, right?
Khloe Kardashian-butt- QG

And she is proving once more that she actually puts in work for her enviable butt.
In a new workout video for Vogue, the reality star who recently launched her Denim line breaks down six toning moves she uses to get her derriere to look good in jeans.



Costa not in Conte's plan for next season

​"I'm a Chelsea player, but they do not want me there. Conte has sent me a message that I will not continue at Chelsea and that's it. Conte said he will not count on me for next season." These were the words uttered by Diego Costa to the media this week as his whirlwind Chelsea career draws to a close after just three seasons at Stamford Bridge. In the days that have followed, AS in Spain have learned the exact content of the message in question and have shared for the world to see just how Antonio Conte went about telling his title winning top goalscorer that his services were no longer required. "Hi Diego, I hope you are well. Thanks for the seasono [sic] we spent together. Good luck for the next year but you are not in my plan," the breezy but rather blunt text read. It is said that Costa's response was nothing more than just 'OK'. While Conte retains the support from Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich - the Russian billionaire is said to have ended the direct lines of communication to him previously enjoyed by the likes of John Terry and Didier Drogba, ​preventing Costa from going over the manager's head in a bid to stay - the Italian's off-book message hasn't pleased the club hierarchy. With Costa's decision to go public, Chelsea's selling position has been significantly weakened. It is now actively known that they are keen to get him of the player, which harms their ability to command a good price, while Costa has proof that the club has instigated his now inevitable exit and could therefore be entitled to a departing loyalty bonus.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo Equals Top Scorer Record

Real Madrid superstar struck twice in a win over Sevilla which moved him past Gerd Muller and into a tie atop the list

Cristiano Ronaldo is on the brink of history after scoring twice on Sunday to tie with Jimmy Greaves as the all-time top scorer in Europe’s five biggest leagues.

His first goal in Sunday’s win against Sevilla, his 400th strike for Real Madrid, tied him with Gerd Muller for second. His second pushed him past the German legend and level with Greaves.

Ronaldo’s next goal will put him at 367, one more than the Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur legend amassed over 14 years playing in England and Italy. Ronaldo scored 84 Premier League goals for Manchester United before signing with Real Madrid and adding 282 league goals and counting to that total.

Lionel Messi lurks behind as the highest-ranked active player behind Ronaldo. The Barcelona goalscorer has found the back of the net 346 times since his 2004 debut. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the next active player on the list, with his 268 goals putting him at 11th. His goals in England, Spain, Italy and France make him the only player in the top 20 to score in three or more leagues.

Ronaldo could find himself alone at the top of the chart as soon as Wednesday when Madrid travel to face Celta Vigo in Liga action.


Saturday, 6 May 2017

Chinese Super League Club Lodge Offer for Second Chelsea Star Ahead of Huge Summer Outlay

  Chelsea captain John Terry has been offered a deal to likely join teammate Diego Costa in making a big-money move to the Chinese Super League this summer, according to the ​Sun. Terry has confirmed he will leave Stamford Bridge at the end of his current deal, but is expected to carry on playing with a number of other clubs interested.
The likes of Stoke and Bournemouth have been talked up as potential Premier League destinations, but Chinese outfit Tianjin Quanjian are also in the frame. Tianjin are expected to seal a deal to sign Blues striker Diego Costa when the season ends, with the Spanish international earning a staggering €30m-a-year​. ​French channel SFR Sport have since claimed Chelsea have told Costa's suitors that their asking price for the striker is an incredible €150m. While the two clubs continue to negotiate over a fee, it's reported that Tianjin will also make a play to Terry to give him one final pay day before he decides to retire from the game. They are ready to come up with a lucrative two-year deal to tempt the former England captain over to Asia.


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Paid Ads : Tropical Painting Services
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New Music: Lexyfash - The Sound

After the successful release of Carry Go featuring Oyinkanade, your favorite boy Lexyfash is back with a fresh and tight jam titled The...

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